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Graduate Admission Requirements

Admission to graduate study is granted to qualified applicants. Successful applicants for the master’s degree will have received a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution, or its equivalent internationally, in a program that provides suitable preparation in the applicant’s chosen field. Admission to doctoral study is granted to a limited number of applicants. Successful applicants to doctoral study will normally have received both a bachelor’s and master’s degree, but admission with only a bachelor’s degree is possible for superior students. The academic record of the applicant must indicate probable success in the desired program. As a general rule, an undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 is required, and for doctoral programs a cumulative graduate GPA of at least 3.2 is required for admission. Individual academic units may have higher minimum standards. Only in unusual cases, in which clear and substantive evidence justifies such action, will students be admitted who do not meet this standard.

For those cases in which the student has acceptable undergraduate achievement but has course deficiencies, the major academic unit will specify the criteria that must be met to remove the deficiencies.



Applications are available online here.

You may submit all required supporting documents in a separate PDF format to

Applications must be submitted according to the following guidelines:

Priority admissions for all program scholarships, fellowships and assistantships for master's and doctoral applicants. January 15 July 1  

Behavior Analysis: M.S. (ABA, OBM) Applicants

February 15


Behavior Analysis: Ph.D. Applicants January 15 *  
**Biological Sciences Applicants March 15 *  
*Clinical Psychology Applicants January 1 *  
Industrial/Organizational Psychology Applicants January 15 *  
International Applicants (excl. Psychology) June 8 October 14 April 1
Domestic Master's Applicants—All Application Materials Received By 4 weeks before term 4 weeks before term  

*Program admits once a year for the fall semester
** Biological Sciences encourages applications for spring and fall semesters Chemistry admits for the fall semester

Applications received after the program-designated deadline will be considered, but late applicants may be at a disadvantage in terms of being admitted and/or receiving scholarships, fellowships and assistantships. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the graduate admissions office receives all materials required for evaluation of the application before the deadline. Late applications may not be evaluated for the entrance term requested.

Application Fee:

A nonrefundable application fee must accompany any application. The amount required is shown on the application. Application fee is waived for Florida Tech graduates.


Domestic Applicants

An official certified transcript must be sent to the Office of Graduate Admissions by the registrar of each college or university attended.The admission materials information at the top of each graduate degree program outlines the application materials described in the paragraphs below. Applicants should note especially the GRE/GMAT recommendations.

International Applicants - Foreign Credential Evaluation

All degree seeking Melbourne international graduate applicants with any university-level educational experience outside the United States are required to provide the Florida Tech admission office an official foreign credit evaluation (FCE) in English, including the cumulative grade point average.

View Foreign Credential Evaluation Policy and Procedure


Individuals who can attest to previous academic and professional performance and to potential for success in graduate study should mail letters of recommendation directly to the graduate admissions office. At least one letter of recommendation, if required, should be from a full-time faculty member, especially if the applicant is applying to a doctoral program; if a master’s thesis was carried out, a letter from the thesis advisor is normally required. 


The résumé should detail all past professional and educational experiences, including such information as publications and memberships in professional organizations. Nontraditional educational experiences, teaching and relevant employment should also be discussed.

Statement of Objectives:

This statement of approximately 300 words should include a discussion of intended graduate study, professional career goals, and past and proposed activities in the field of study.

Graduate Record Examination (GRE):

Official scores not more than five years old may be required. The computer-based test (CBT) is now the standard form for the General Test and may be taken year-round at designated sites around the country. International studentsmay still have an opportunity to take the paper-based test at selected sites. The official test results are mailed within four to six weeks of the examination date. The unofficial test results for the CBT are available immediately after the test. The official results of the CBT are mailed within 10–15 days of the examination date.

GRE Testing

Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT):

Although not required, the GMAT is strongly recommended for most Nathan M. Bisk College of Business applicants; for details see the section on admission requirements for the MBA degree program under the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business in the Degree Programs section. Substitution of GRE scores for the GMAT is allowed.

GMAT Testing

TOEFL Scores:

Any student whose home language is not English maybe accepted for any degree program but will not be able to enroll for academic courses until certain English language requirements are met. For details visit

Assistantship Application:

Each assistantship applicant must submit a completed assistantship application, three letters of reference and a statement of objectives. The priority deadline for all assistantship applications is January 15. Applications received after the program designated deadline will be considered, but late applicants may be at a disadvantage in terms of being admitted and/or receiving scholarships, fellowships and assistantships. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the graduate admissions office receives all materials required for evaluation of the application before the deadline. All English language proficiency requirements apply. 


Admission to most graduate programs is valid for two years from the semester of acceptance, but for the Psy.D. program and all biological sciences graduate programs, admission is only valid for the semester of acceptance. Individuals wishing to begin or resume graduate work after a two-year lapse are required to reapply for admission. Individuals who leave Florida Tech and attend another university without first having received written permission must reapply for admission and submit grade transcripts regardless of the length of time since last attending Florida Tech (see “Readmission Policy” in this section).

Other Forms:

The Acceptance Confirmation Reply and Medical History forms should be completed and returned, and the tuition deposit submitted after formal admission to the university has been confirmed.