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University Aid for International Graduate Students

Assistantships and Scholarships

Graduate assistantships involve a wage, tuition waiver or both, and are awarded to well-qualified master’s and doctoral students on the Melbourne campus. Awards are normally made on a year-to-year basis. However, not all students receive assistantships, and partial assistantships (such as tuition waiver only) may also be offered. International students are eligible for graduate assistantships in some academic units. In addition to specific academic unit requirements, any student whose home language is not English, whether or not the student has graduated from an English speaking, post-secondary institution, must abide by all Florida Tech policies regarding English language proficiency.

Award of a teaching assistantship requires satisfactory completion of the Teaching Assistant Seminar, generally offered twice each year at the start of the fall and spring semesters. There is no fee for enrollment in this three-day seminar, which is open to graduate students recommended by their academic unit heads, as well as new teaching assistants, who are required to attend.

Teaching assistants must be formally evaluated in writing by their supervisors. These evaluations are required for reappointment. The assistantship application deadline is January 15 for the fall semester. The application should be directed to the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Admitted students are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships of up to $6,000 per year as a quailifed graduate student. These scholarships are awarded at the time at the admission to students who demonstrate strong academic performance.

Doctoral Graduate Research Assistant Tuition Scholarship (DGRATS) Program

Full tuition scholarships are available for graduate research assistants working toward a doctoral degree through the Doctoral Graduate Research Assistant Tuition Scholarship (DGRATS) Program.

Florida Tech doctoral students and faculty are exploring innovative solutions to the world’s most challenging issues. Now, you can pursue your research, with a Ph.D. scholarship, from a national research university—home to over 34 research institutes and centers, world-renowned faculty and high-tech labs.

Main-campus students who are supported by 15 hours or more per week of research or grant wages or are on full national fellowships are eligible for the DGRATS program, which is capped at 45 credits. This applies to both new, existing and international students.

Students who enter a doctoral program after completing their B.S. degree are eligible for the DGRATS program once they have completed the equivalent of an M.S. degree through 30-36 credits (depending on the program) and are awarded a graduate research assistantship by a faculty member. If no equivalent M.S. degree aligns with the student’s doctorate program, they must complete 30 credits of their doctoral program to become eligible for the DGRATS program.

Ph.D. scholarships are renewed each semester for students who maintain a GPA of 3.2 or higher and faculty approved wage funding.

Doctoral students who meet the above criteria should work with their faculty advisor to pursue the DGRATS program.